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A celebration of people in their
40’s, 50’s, 60’s & beyond.

I invite you to join me for an exclusive, limited-time portrait session experience like no other.

This campaign is all about celebrating men & women, like you, who are in their 40's, 50's, 60's+ with a custom portrait session that will transform the way you look & feel. By providing you with a full-service experience, from posing to the perfect wardrobe you will walk away feeling beautiful and confident celebrating the skin you're in. I’ll be turning 43 next year and I feel that my age demographic is NOT represented well in the media. As we age, society and the media are great at portraying us as a bit washed up and out of our prime…which makes us feel unappreciated, like we just got kicked to the side of the curb. We have been putting everything and everyone in front of us to the point that our own self-worth & self-care has been overlooked or non-existent. We all love our families, we want to improve in our careers, we want our kid’s futures to be better than our own, there’s always something to fix or improve in our homes, you name it… and we somehow have fallen in between the cracks to the point that we don’t even know what we want, what we like or what to do anymore.

We continue to live for others and have forgotten our own worth.

We rarely do anything for ourselves anymore because we feel that if we do, it would be perceived as selfish when in reality, we’ve missed to see the amazing person that we have become and how valuable we are to our families, jobs, communities and most importantly ourselves. 

I am here to tell you that you are perfect just the way you are. It’s not about being thin, looking young, or being “in-shape”,

it is about looking and feeling confident in the stage of life you’re in. I want to showcase you and your beauty even if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes yet or felt it in your soul. I want to tell your story & change how the media defines us.


Join me in this exciting experience by participating in this campaign that will

transform the way you feel in your own skin because you are Enough.



Why should I do this?

To do something empowering for yourself

To honor what makes you amazing,

beautiful and unique

To embrace every freckle, line and scar

no matter your age, shape or size

To share your story about what it means to be a

mature man & woman

To stand in your own power with body-positivity,

strength and courage

To help other men & women realize their potential

by stepping out of the shadows

To learn to love the reflection looking back at

you in the mirror


To acknowledge that self-love isn’t selfish

What does this experience cost and include?

What does it cost?

This experience for just $500 (valued at $1,395)

Your photoshoot includes

A pre-session consultation

We’ll discuss all the details involved with a session including wardrobe, hair & makeup, what to bring, how to prepare and everything else you’ll need to know about your special day!

Professional Hair & Makeup

On the day of the photo shoot, you’ll be introduced to our professional hair & makeup artist. We’ll consult with you on how you wish to wear your hair & makeup. If you’d like to do something outside your comfort zone, we’ll be happy to give you the red carpet treatment!

Full-Service Photography Session

You’re in good hands! I’ll be directing you every step of the way, so you won’t need to worry about a thing. Our job is to help you feel comfortable & enjoy the experience. I’ll even show you the back of my camera a few times, so you know how beautifully your images are turning out. You are amazing and no detail is too small to make this a perfect day for you.

One (1) Digital file and (1) 11×14 print of your choice (Valued at $795)

You’ll be invited back for your REVEAL appointment within 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot. First, we’ll go through all of your photos and behind-the-scenes. During the reveal session you’ll see all your beautiful portraits, choose your complimentary print with digital file and have the opportunity to purchase more if you wish. What you purchase is entirely up to you. There is no minimum or maximum required, as we only want you to purchase what you love.

NOTE: There will be a special package pricing for everyone that participates in this campaign and wishes to purchase more images from their photoshoot. We’ll also credit the whole $500 campaign cost towards the package of your choice.


To participate in this campaign, you must agree to all of the following:

“Before & After” photo to be used on social media, print media, website, and any other marketing materials.

Interview questions to be answered before and after your photo shoot. This may include a video testimonial.

There are only 40 spots available for this campaign and applications are being accepted now. If you wish to be considered for this campaign, fill out the application form below and we’ll get back to you so we can schedule your phone consultation. We’ve had an overwhelming response to this campaign, so if all the spots are filled for this round, you’ll have the opportunity to apply again in future rounds.

How can I apply?

I want to be considered for this campaign, Sign me up!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you soon!


Meet your Photographer

Hello! I'm Jose Loza and I am so excited for you to be a part of this extraordinary movement. I want to celebrate men & women who are 40 and above, all body types, and give them the most amazing experience ever.

I truly feel that it is my calling to show every individual that they matter and they are beautiful just the way they are. I am thrilled when clients send me messages describing how their session made them feel and how after seeing their portraits they can finally see themselves like their family & friends have seen them all along. Strong, beautiful, confident with an inner light that just needed a moment to shine.


I invite you to come to the studio and celebrate the spectacular person that you have become.


You are Enough & You deserve this!

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